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50 Cent-Meek Mill Feud: Nicki Minaj Tired Of Boyfriend's Beef? 'Anaconda' Singer Wants Meek Mill To Ignore 50 Cent Diss

  Meek Mill's girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, wants the "House Party" rapper to end his feud with 50 Cent by ignoring his insults, according to Hollywood Life. 

After Drake, Meek Mill has now got into a public spat with 50 Cent and it seems that the Philadelphia rapper's girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, can't handle his list of feuds anymore. According to Hollywood Life, Minaj wants Mill to ignore 50 Cent's insult so that the feud comes to an end.

“There’s no need for Meek to continue going back and forth with 50 and Drake — she [Nicki] tells him that all the time,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Meek’s a man. His ego and pride get the best of him, but he thinks 50’s a sucker and had to get some s--- off his chest. He’s doing his best to listen to Nicki though, and not feud with these clowns, but his hate for them is strong. It’s going to take a long time for him to really ignore them.”
The feud between 50 Cent and Mill reignited over the weekend after Minaj's boyfriend dissed the "Outta Control" rapper in his surprise four-song EP that featured a song called "Gave ‘Em Hope." After learning about the track, 50 Cent fired back at Mill saying that he should focus on getting his girlfriend pregnant as his career is over.

In another report, Hollywood Life cited another source saying that 50 Cent was taking a jab at Mill as he is jealous of the latter's relationship with Minaj.
“Look — all the dudes in hip hop either want to be with Nicki or smash her, but they can’t and that’s the only real reason why they’re all ganging up on and trying to s--- on Meek. Nicki knows what’s up. The back and forth diss tracks and social media wars that Drake and 50 have been launching against her man is a cover up for their jealously," the source reportedly said. "50 wants to get in the sheets with Nicki so bad it’s killing him. That’s never going to happen — he’s just not her type."

After 50 Cent pulled Minaj into their spat Sunday, Mill once again hit back at the former with a lengthy Instagram post. However, this was not all.
On Monday, Mill acknowledged one of his fan's request for charity. "Somebody tell Meek Mill and 50 Cent the ppl in Flint, Michigan could use some water. Their lives depending on it.. #DontWasteEachOthersTime," read a tweet from RaspyRawls, posted by Mill on Instagram. Along with the screenshot of the tweet, Mill promised to donate money for the Flint crisis, but also called out to 50 Cent to match up to his donation.
"I got 50k to donate to waters ... Let's see if we can have @50cent match me!" he wrote on Instagram. "I'm pretty sure "flint" supported us! Serious post contact .... Roc nation will purchase for me and ship! Not even just him all entertainers! I ain't got the tine posting memes and shit... "Way too trill for that" @dallaslifestyle it's my dawg hometown too!#FORMLKDAY"

50 Cent responded to Mill's challenge to join in donating to Flint, Michigan.
"Even a ? Head knows we are supposed to help out Flint Michigan," 50 Cent wrote on Instagram with a picture of a faucet with running water, according to HipHop DX. "I'm a ambassador for feeding America, I'm working with the United Nations world food program. I'll find out what are the right organizations to donate to. It's a tax right off anyway ? Head #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO."
However, 50 Cent later deleted the post and shared another meme of Mill accepting a certificate for "Most L's Taken."
"You know you only trying donate so you can try and use it in court ?head," 50 Cent captioned the photo. "You don't have money to give away. When Nikki find out you playing with her boy oh boy your in for it."
Mill's feud with 50 Cent seems never ending, just as the former's beef with Drake that began in July after the "House Party" rapper slammed the Canadian rapper accusing him of using a ghostwriter for his songs.

Meanwhile, as things heated up between Mill and 50 Cent, rapper The Game took some shots at their feud with a "What's Beef" post on Instagram.
"So, this is what it's come to these days? Outside of 2pac & B.I.G. dying because their beef got out of control due to the media blowing it out of proportion & us as people adding fuel to the fire with the whole East Coast/West Coast bullshit," The Game captioned the photo of featuring a play on The Notorious B.I.G.'s "What's Beef?" lyrics. The Game mentioned some of the "healthy" rap battles, comparing them to Mill and 50 Cent's latest feud. "But now, so much of this bulls--- going around, it's even hard for me not to get s----- into this social media way of beefing.... & even though some of these memes be funny as f---....."

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