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News: Ab-Soul gives his Take on JFK, Tupac + More

Ab-Soul gives his take on the moon landing, the JFK assassination, UFOs, and more of the greatest conspiracy theories of our time.

Ab-Soul is known for his interest in conspiracy theories, so we couldn't resist asking him for his take on some of the most famous conspiracy theories when he came by the HNHH office a couple weeks ago.

He began by asserting with 80% certainty that the moon landing was faked. "The first lunar landing? Faked," he said firmly. "For sho. New Mexico. He rejected the Lee Harvey Oswald lone gunman theory and stated his believes there were additional shooters on the grass knoll and in other locations who helped bring down JFK.

Is Tupac still alive? "No. He's gone."

Is Elvis still alive? "Elvis definitely died on the shitter. In blue suede shoes."

Are UFOs real? "Unidentified flying objects? Sound identified to me."

He concluded by confirming the Illluminati's existence.

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