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New Music: Vikon - Don't Chase Her + Lyrics

The croc city beast, Vikon unleashes a Freestyle to Bryson tiller's hit song 'Don't'... But this one is called 'don't chase her' he tells the men out there to stop running after the girls who make them feel less important.

See Lyrics Below 

It ain't really matter where she go
You ain't gotta chase her no more
You ain't gotta chase her no more 
You ain't gotta chase her no more
She ain't really 'bout it, she a hoe
You ain't gotta chase her no more
You ain't gotta chase her no more 
You ain't gotta chase her no more

Verse 1:
Vikon a beast! mami say 'he's not a beast'
Tell her, don't lie to me please
I hear em ladies say vikon so hideous. She just gotta tell me what I'm gon believe
She get on instagram, see all my photos, she wildin' she say nigga ur photos on fleek
She go crazy on snapchat, I see her twerking.
I say, you got it, your booty unique
But I never hit it, she ain't let me hit it
Thought I was d man, she say 'boy u kidding'
Tell me she rather gon die as a Virgin
I keep it 100 but it got me thinking, 
It got me thinking, it got me thinking
You want a nigga that got it like John the Baptist
Somebody better let the bitch know she got bad taste

 Verse 2:
Late night with my niggas, sippin' lean from a chalice
She hopped in, say my name, she make all my niggas jealous.
Introduced me to an ugly bitch and she ain't got no manners.

Face Looking like a bean smashed with a sledge hammer
She looked me in my eyes, i said, girl what u staring at?
She said the eyes are som'n like hyenas and elephants. 

She know a nigga wavy, she make  me feel like a bastard
Got Dope as my cologne, I'm stoned as alabaster
I tell her I'm d plug and I'm trending on all the blogs

I Hooked her on a drug, now she's addicted to all d drugs
She say 'what u want for your birthday?' I said, a couple dinosaurs and a sex slave

She said it ain't nothing, you just gotta make a wish
I said why the hell a nigga gotta make a wish?
I'm tryna make a wish, she put her hand round my wrist
Then I see me on a Bed lying naked with the bitch

She make a nigga nervous, she say vikon I love you
I tell her I ain't fkn with a bitch who ain't loyal
Then I jumped off the bed, I go to the bathroom got me jerking off with nothin but some baby oil. 

These hoes is crazy, they one and the same
They got Way too many issues I just can't explain it
That monkey business, I ain't ready for it
Girl that body good but It's so overrated.

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