Kudyunus Bislar Genral Merchants

Kudyunus Bislar Genral Merchants
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Facebook Troll 'Got it Bad' on Social Media After Posting This On Facebook

Well I guess the Attention Seekers didn't know people have had enough of their crap. 

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MAX OMAR WROTE: There is definitely an industry, small however but could grow over time beyond what is presently in the offering... it is normal for business enterprises to face challenges of varying nature albeit some will excel some will not... its the same the world over... the entertainment industry in Atlanta/Huston/Louisiana and small cities in America are big and doing well but not a match for New York or California (Los Angeles)... so these are the issue... Kaduna like every other city is mostly a breeding ground if i may say... but not structured enough to compete with Lagos if that is what you want it to be... what makes the entertainment industry in a certain place grow is largely a function of it economy... when people are doing well or when they make good money they seek safety, health etc then leisure... they want to have fun with what is left... if that is not available then you have no paying public then the entertainment industry suffers... these and many issues are the deep causes so lets not down play the issue too much but seek to understand the burden... its vast...

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