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Gist: Krockcity Rapper (Tai Qoon) Relocates to Western Nigeria

Let me start this short prose by saying that there should be no sentimental attachment to one location, ''just dey where sure pass for you''. This is officially celebrating my first one month without internet since I subscribed  to cellphones and cable networks.

For those wondering where Ive been, I've been scheming, sticking to the planned cream, thanks to those who kept checking up on me, sending me wishes and messages of inquiries. 

This is saying a million thanks to the crust of my northern Orientation, shout out to my Eastern connects, to all the sweethearts I made on my journey to self discovery, y'all know I love you but sometimes a man got to sacrifice joyous moments for the bigger picture (Happiness). 

This is officially announcing my swift relocation back to my roots, my origin, the crust of my being, the heritage of my famiy liberation (Western Nigeria)

To my real OGz, I got y'all on speed dial, to my honeys, you know how it gets, to the streets, "Ban barku ba", to my political ties, eye still dey, to the blood line " kankan bru me'men".

If you got my digit, you are either an associate, a comrade, a partner, one of my sweethearts, colleague, fan, admirer, well wisher or one of those curious doubting Thomases, nothing should change please, let's keep the communication alive with ease. Be easy, to all my sabi mendem, keep being the busy bee. 

Wish me well as I

- Tai Qoon Tulowjay

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