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Kudyunus Bislar Genral Merchants
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Xtras: Rapper "Princeton" Talks About New Project (Glut-Lustre-Dream)

I am scared. 
I am worried.
I am wounded.
I am broken. 
I am Princeton.

"Glut-lustre Dream" is a song written from my biggest fear. 
A song born from the phobia of excess shiny dream and motives.
 A song dedicated to everyone who is afraid. Afraid they are making the wrong decision chasing vain desires and aspirations. 
Afraid they may spend most part of their productive life trying to make things work.
It's not just a song about me, it's a song about you, it's a song about us, it's a song about everyone who dares to dream, everyone who is scared but holds a promise to win. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Princeton and I present to you "Glut-lustre "Dream"
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