Xtras: I Have No Competition - Rapzy Rita

1. Who is Rapzy Rita and what brought about the name?

Ans: Rapzy Rita Is Just A Simple Guy That Just Focus On The Music... The Name Rapzy Rita Means "I Came Into The World With A Positive Attitude and Uniqueness To Make The World A Better Place!! It A Name That Was Given To Me By Friends...

2. Tell us a little about yourself and Academic background. 

Ans: He is an Afro Fusion Artist and Am Just 16, Through With Secondary!!

3. How long have you been into Music? 

Ans: i Started Writing Music When I Was 6Yrs So Av Been Into Music Officially 10yrs

4. What is your Aim of Doing Music? 

Ans: To Speak The Truth Through Music Cos Music Is For Revolution Not For Enjoyment, So I Want To Touch The Lives Of People Through Music.

5. How many Songs have you recorded so far? 

Ans: I Have So Many Songs In The Studio I Record Like EveryDay But I Have Two Official Singles Am Pushing Now.

6. Describe the Nigerian Music industry. 

Ans: For Me The Nigeria Music Industry Now It Very Competitive And I Love Competition And Different People From Around Are Beginning To Like Our Sound "Afro Beat" 

7. Greatest Moment/Achievement so far. 

Ans: When I Got Nominated As The Best Rnb\Pop Artist In Kaduna

8. Most embarrassing moment.

Ans: When I Got Bounced On A Show Cos The thought I Was A Kid Felt Bad That Day.

9. Which KD Artiste do you Fear most?

Ans: None

10. Does your Family Support your Music? 

Ans: Full Support

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