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Alazi Tha King - Introduction (Lyrics)

Due to Popular Demand Alazi Tha King has released to Lyrics to Introduction. 

Krock City's very own rapper/producer 'Alazi Tha King' starts 2018 with zero chills . After the release of "Do that Swish" ft Kevin word$ which he produced , he's yet back with another one titled "Introduction" off his mixtape album "ClairVoyant" .


Welcome to the mind of a genius
Alazi, I Am
One of a kind so please don't compare me, I Am
Killer of mics these other rappers Revere me, these niggas are dumb founded like Ed, Edd and Eddy.
I Am light, I have Him Who is Life
I was lost but am found like a man
Searching for a wife

These niggas they say they bloods 
But nah, they ain't my type  
They saying they rap acidic 
So I know they ain't ripe
Let me, turn up the tempo
Beat the traffic and never go slow

One shot , two shots hold up !
Shout out to my boys Aeiz and Polo
Yolo! You know the meaning that you only live once but that's false cos in reality you only die once, listless 

I gat my foot on the gas theres no break, 
So much love but all they do is to disguise it as hate 
These rappers brain dead while I brain storm on every song I create
Fuck with me wrong and put your whole fucking career at stake.
Alazi , Tha King . 

I'm not a battle MC
Yeah am a Barcelona hater gat no fucking Messi , am real, get it?
I am the man in my city 
We are United like Milan 
Sharing stadium with AC 
Murder! Am in my zone gat my pistol on a simpletone , you so wrong if you thinking I just play along to get along
Am pushing on, am not alone
Am God's own cos am in my zone
Am shining and balling
There's nobody stopping
So call me the rap version of LeBron
Oh Lord this the rehabilitation
I don't need anybody to tell me how am amazing 
I don't need any review to tell me what is my rating
Real niggas turning fake like from lucifer to satan.

Restoring rappers to default settings
Am setting the bar high 
For you to jump and catch it 
It will be better to sky dive
You're a pussy little cat
Am a Lion with nine lives
These wannabes wanna work with me but cannot fit my shoe size oh!
Please help up, i need a breather
You need a hoe, chill don't be eager 
The beat needs some air
Here sip some liquor

When am done raping the beat then you can draw my zipper
Yeah we measure money with some kilo kilos 
I and my team formidable they cannot kill us
They tried but fail like Kevin they cannot stop my words
Now they confess defeat is not sweet on their taste buds.

Fuck it, see I've been through it all
They tryna bring me down but am still standing tall
Never give up either you run , jog walk or you crawl
But just keep doing your thing 
You only score when you ball
Make a choice win, lose or draw
They say the money talks see am waiting for the call
Am homophobic I ain't fucking with y'all , I should be endorsed by vans cos I am off the wall.

Bean back , revolt the revolt 
Revel the Revelation
I am the life to hip hop 
Call it resusitation 
All I hear is auto tune , reverb, compressors excallating 
Now they asking why am not pleading to a divided nation 

Listen close let me let you in on a lil secret, 
The government is a scheme
Modern day pirates,
Paranomal economy my philosophy
Alazi the prodigy ain't nobody fucking with me .

 {Alazi Tha King}

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