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J-town Based Krockcity Rapper V'zar Releases Lyrics For The Come Back

In this song he is getting back (comeback) at the people who tried to script/misunderstand/judge him, cos he chose my path. 

He featured one of j-town's finest Rapper and best rap artiste​ kaduna entertainment awards 2017, V'zar.

V'zar is a kaduna artiste based in Jos.

McJones Amobi ft V'zar - The ComeBack (Lyrics)

I go by the name V'zar, Agwam, Sarkin Kati!
Yessur. Listen!

KD my home salute it's your soldier/
I've been out the city like Gonin Gora/

I'm done taking poop here's a piece(piss) of my mind/
If y'all will flush it it's fine/

Rappers, I am the sun to your galaxy/
Meaning you rappers are stars and you shine when I come and go/
KD rappers are mad at me/
Cos I snatched a certain rappers award from my baby bro/

Now what do you expect from a vet?/
Treat animals right? I turn lions to pets/

Those who got beef are only gonna bellow/
What ammah do to those who test is gonna ring a bell o/

Most of you artistes are weak let's be honest/
You rap full of crap, is Santa h(in) your h(anus)?/[Yoruba accent]

I'm raising the bar rise beyond this/
Truth is you can't come close to the son (sun), Mr. Uranus/(chuckles)

You're in the city but you don't exist/
You sound very hard but you don't come stiff/

I'm bringing oppositions down from up positions/
When I come around their heart beat like...(heartbeat)

I'm out here kinging and repping the city/ 
You're back there sinking and damn its a pity/

Last year I made some advances to Gidi/
Your nightmare will come to live in a jiffy/

Do me a favour and urge yourself/
Be your own check point and search yourself/

You might have the weapon to hurt yourself/
Be your own laxative and purge yourself/

Of all the hate/ and all the drama/
KD needs love/ word to mama/
Either do better or face karma/


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