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[Interview] The #HangOut With Shocks Orion | Guest "Nifty Breezy"

On this week episode of THE HANGOUT WITH SHOCKS ORION, we had a chat with a very talented individual who has made alot of waves in the Kaduna musical environment due to his versatility, sleek voice and his method of delivery.  
He is well known for songs like Hakane, Ga Lemu, and summary among others, most people call him by his stage name Nifty breezy, while others (me included)  call him the Lemu man.  We won't forget in a hurry the amount of fire he brought in his version of Kiss Danial's song No Do, he is not just an amazing hip-hop artist, but he is also an all round fine boy (ladies I see you smiling).  Ladies and Gents below is what Nifty Breezy has to say. 


Why the name Nifty Breezy?
The name Nifty means stylishly attractive. And a name says a lot about the bearer so I choose that considering my style of life, music and personality in general. While Breezy as we all know is like a suffix to any name.
That's amazing but for the sake of alot of fans who don't know your real name can you please tell us your government name?
Okay sure. Enoch Solomon. Sounds like a pastor right?
Haha sure.. So out of all the things you could have ventured into in life, why Music. 
Because I wouldn't derive pleasure in doing something else. Music is what I find comfortable doing, Music is fun because one can easily express whatsoever it is to be expressed.
Aside music do you venture in to anything else?
Yeah.. Am an Electrical Engineer. I do solar installation but at the moment music's got the best of me.
Who will you say inspired your style of music?
Uhhhm I got ma style from many artists really, Listening to Eminem, Nas, Lil Wayne, T-Pain and a whole lot of great Emcees predominantly built my own style.
Nifty you've been in Lagos for some time now and you've seen how the music scene is been run down there, and you also know how it's been run down here in Kaduna, in your opinion do you think that KD artist have what it takes to compete with the artist in Lagos?
It all depends on how fast an artist can adapt to change. It's a different ballgame between the two respective states.
Let's come back to your music now, tell us something we don't already know about your ep Nexpectation?
Nexpectation EP a blessing to me. Nexpectation was a prophecy.
A prophecy?  Do you mind explaining that to us?
Nexpectation is a double entendre.
What y'all should expect next.
You just featured on the remix of saminaka, which is a hit right now in Kaduna and it's surrounding, how will you explain the feeling working on a song with the likes of DIA, Kevin Words and phero ?
It's great.. It's a privilege to be on the same song with great artists although I've been on a couple of tracks with DIA and Kevinword$ but these are guys I don't mind working with over and over again. I feel honored.
What's next for Nifty, any collaboration, album, Ep or mixtape in the pipeline that we should be anticipating?
What you'all should be expecting in the nearest future is ma new single titled 'Oh Ma Gosh' both audio and video.
OK we will be waiting patiently. Any last words to your fans out there? 
Am forever grateful to those who have been supportive right from day one there'll be no me without you all. More fire coming.

How can your fans reach you on social media?
I can be reached via IG @nifty_breezy Twitter @Nifty_official and Facebook @Nifty Breezy


That's about it for this week's HANGOUT with SHOCKS ORION, don't forget to check out songs Nifty Breezy. Stay tuned for our next episode which will feature someone interesting and more edgy, for your comments, observation or if you want to be part of this, you can reach me on IG @shocks_orion and on Twitter @Iamshocks or email address :shocksaaron@gmail.com.
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Till next week, I Remain your Favorite Boy Shocks Orion. 
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