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[Mixtape Review] Vibez Kartel By. BigHeadPhones (@BHPMUSIC_)

For years, it seemed like the art of the rap group was dying in music.

It seemed as though consumers were more intrigued with solo acts, and groups were forming but crumbling at an alarming rate. Then, you turn on music from a group like BigHeadPhones (BHP), and you’re forced to step back, and as a hip hop enthusiast you step back and think that the art of the rap group is alive, and well.

BigHeadPhones (BHP), with blends of BIG, J. Cole, Wu Tang, Outkast, and millennial fire power, delivers a breathtaking body of work on (Vibez Kartel) 

Start to finish listens are a rarity today, even amongst mainstream heavyweights. It’s usually because of redundancy. If an artists’ track list has 10 songs, if after five songs you’ve heard the same track five times, then you won’t want to hear the next five. But With BHP because of the shock value from track to track, and all of the different sounds, and voice manipulations, running through this 7 song track list was actually easy, and boosted its replay value.

Sometimes the first 2-3 tracks of a project can be deceiving, but this didn’t lend itself for skepticism, but rather provided hope.

Once again, halftime of a project is the perfect chance to either lose your audience, or keep them along for the home stretch, and Vibez Kartel certainly accomplished the latter. 

Permit me to say this "Hiphop is Alive and well And She Lives in the Hiphop Central" Kaduna. 

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