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[Xtras] Knowing Your "Self_Worth" - By Nuttyjosh

Dear sisters, 

Know your Worth BUT do not mistake  "Self Worth" for Arrogance, Egoism, Rudeness or Ignorance.
Listen, most of you in the attempt to prove your worth you end up becoming disrespectful, arrogant, rude and egoistic, my dear sister, That is not expressing your "Worth" as a wonderful virtue rather, It is a display Of lack of knowledge and it is a shortcoming,  because any regular person can be disrespectful or rude or arrogant but a woman who knows her "Worth" do not need an expression of anger or ignorance to prove herself worthy, it comes natural. 
In psychology , the term self - esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self - worth or personal value. ... Self - worth is often seen as a personality trait, which means that it tends to be stable and enduring.
For example Diamond is cherished amongst precious stones not because it is fierce or feisty but because it sparkles naturally without stress. Until you learn to sparkle without stress, until you learn to express your "Worth" without anger, you will always be mistaken for worthless and as human beings when someone belittles you, your primary and most natural response is arrogance, anger, ego, and by this responding in that tempered manner, you have automatically proven them right. 

Smile at people, React to compliments, Respond to kind gestures and try as much as possible to replace your anger with smile and your violence with silence. Listen to me, just because you snub all the messages in your inbox, or disrespect all the men in your life doesn't make your expensive, it only make you rude and shortsighted because some of this people are a great contact to keep, of course there are jerks and perverts but look at the big picture, If you are truly a Diamond, then you wouldn't need to stress before you sparkle.
No point exchanging abusive words with someone over a post in your comment box. You are Royalty and queens do not debate with their subjects, they make decrees and let their subjects debate over it. 

Your worth is not in the color of your skin, not in the size of your wardrobe, not in your educational or family background, Your worth goes beyond all material or social standards, Your worth is how you manage your emotions and how you react to the external environment. 

As a woman if you know your "Worth" You will not see any problem with assisting a man you love financially, morally or even with domestic things because if two people are in love, they become friends so what is wrong with helping your friend out? 

The idea of relationship is " Submission " The man submits his loyalty and the woman submits her commitment, Two people cannot lead so one would have to take one step backwards to support the other person, in case he falls she would raise him up, makes a mistake she would correct him, and if he forgets his mission she would remind him, The idea of a woman behind a man is not oppression, it is not a master and slave process, She is behind him because she is his backbone, his inspiration, his stronghold so if you know your worth you will never be in a hurry to prove it to people. Remember every great leader was once a loyal follower and loyalty can never be slavery.

It doesn't matter if you are a single mother or divorced or uneducated or from a broken home, anything you are doesn't matter, what matters is how you manage your emotions. 

You are not a slave, You can never be a slave, You are too great to be enslaved by men, You are untamed, untameable, BUT sadly many of you have become slaves to the wrong ideologies but today I hope we can change that together. 
You are a Diamond, So stop being rude, stop the arrogance, stop the ignorance, kill that ego..... JUST SPARKLE without stress.


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