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[Interview] The #HangOut With Shocks Orion | Guest 'Jedai'

Just like we promised last week when we had Nifty Breezy on THE HANGOUT, we are here again this week with a massive sensation in the Kaduna Music Industry. 

On THE HANGOUT WITH SHOCKS ORION this week we had a chat with a Regge infused Afro beat artist who goes by the name JEDAI. 

Do you all know that JEDAI is not just a musician but also a police officer?  Oh yeah you heard right. Well let me not spill all the beans before you have the chance to know what he had to say on the interview. Below is what Jadai has for us all.  Enjoy

 Who is Jedai?

Jedai is a kd breed and also an artist that has passion for his craft

Jedai is your stage name, for the sake of your fans out there can you tell us  your real name?

Well Jedai is an abbreviation for my real name jedidiah.The name Jedai was inspired by my father, he told me about the reason why he gave me the name and the meaning, (loved by God)  and I always believed dat as long as I carry the name wherever I go then God is truly with me. 

Your style of music is different from what we are usually used to in Kaduna , How will you describe your style of music?

Well I don't like to see mine as just a craft or just all about the style, the uniqueness of music comes from the heart

What genre of music are you into?

Music has to do with creativity I do different kinda music, but i am presently keyed into ragga, though not the usual reggae u listen too. Mine is mixed with an Afro sensation And also most of my songs are purely in English.

Who do you look up-to in the Music Industry?

 Well I listen to alot of artist but I find few of them Rilli amusing and I push myself to learning how they do music,  the likes of Burna boy and maleekberry. I guess the combination of the two ideas is Wat created my own style of music.

Aside music what else do you do?

 Well most people know me as Jedai the Music artist bt aside that I am also a police officer serving presently in kaduna . Though I think I am not really sure anybody in the industry knows dat, just maybe a few number of people in my inner circle

How do you mix been a police officer and at the same time a musician. Especially a reggae one at that, cause there is this negative vibe associated to reggae which is the use of drugs?

Well Its Really hard going about my music life and my job It sometimes makes me feel like one has to go 4 the other to survive But then the only thing dat keeps me sane is the fact that  music, no matter the genre does not rilli determines one's way of life It's mostly your innermost expression that good music carries That thing u do in hiding or you picture yourself doing but u don't tell anybody, The music gives a good picture of What your heart looks like.

Which artist in the Kaduna Music Industry are you looking forward to working with?

I would love to work with Five(5) artist in kd cause they really inspire me with their style, and they are #DIA #NIFTYbOi #D-Genesis and also #kevinwords Lastly P-son I love the fact that their music stands out and cannot be matched to any other artist in the industry.

What's next for Jedai , should we be expecting any album, E.P, Single, Mix tape,  or even a collabo anytime soon?

Yeah alot should be expected cause i am working tirelessly and cooking up good songs with good collaborations and also an E.P is on the way

Any last words to your fans?
To my fans, keep ur fingers crossed cause Jedai is about to begin. 

How can you be reached on social media?
 instagram @officialkingjedai
Twitter @officialjedai
Facebook @k'vngjedaisolomon

Don't forget that you can also be part of this, if there is any question you will like us to ask your favorite artists, or you want to be on the show,  just reach us on social media

Instagram @shocks_orion
Twitter @Iamshocks
Facebook @ Shocks Aaron Orion 

See you nextweek as we bring you another unfiltered interview with another cool cat in the industry,  stay blessed and safe. 

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