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[INTERVIEW] The HangOut with Shocks Orion | Guest 'Elaidrix'

In life, one of the greatest ally to success is consistency, and if there is one thing our guest for this week on the hangout is good at,  it is been consistent in dishing out good music and staying connected to his fans.  

He is one of the most promising young talent available in this part of the world,  a lot of people say he is a girlish looking guy, some say he is the Condo master,  others call him the Ogbeni, and just of recent he earned himself the name TONIGHT man,  but in the mist of all this name,  one thing  is for sure he is the ladies man. 

This is what Hendrix had to say. 

For the sake of those who don't know who Hendrix is,  can you introduce yourself?

I'm Elaidrix.. Hendrix actually my Birth Name, Am a Rapper and a Singer Born and Breed in KD

How will you describe your style of music?

I do all kind of Music Basically depends on the Inspiration or trend of each moment. But am more aquinted to Trap Hip Hop,  Afro Pop and my most Recent Single ", TONIGHT" is Dance Hall. So basically I dine on every beat my mind Wanna feed on

Talking about Tonight, how has the reception been since you dropped it on the 17?

Mehnn!!!!  The Reception has been on a Climax Level. Like I was overwhelmed when the Blog admin told me how many Downloads we had within 24hours of Release. The Reception has been amazing seriously,  Messages from the Fans, Calls,  Positive comments from all Corners. It's just so Amazing and am super excited the song is Loved by Many out there!

You have a large fan base, in which most of them are ladies, how do you cope with all the love coming from the ladies?

 I handle them Professionally. The Love is amazing and at some point it's get off the hook (wink) But I actually need them and I always keep them close to me all the time. My Female Drixinas means lot to me.. So it's  all Love in Any which way the Love Comes from them. I love the Gyals dem*Laughs!!!

Last year was a great year for you, you dropped ogbeni, and just of recent you dropped Tonight. When should we be expecting the next song?

I dropped Condo Early this year, That's 1st of February which I Hosted a Listening Party for it.  So TONIGHT is Actually my second Single of the year.. Bigger things are coming up real soon tho cause we don't Sleep. But for now TONIGHT is still very Much Dominating   the Airwaves.. So it still the Tonight on the Flex until the Whole Vibes to it.

Alot of songs have dropped this year from KD artist, which songs are your Top 3 on your playlist at the moment?

Mehn At the Moment I Constantly Vibe to
1. DJ Cinch's SAMINAKA Remix
2. "For the Culture" Kel cypha ft Nifty breezy 
3.One Time - Aldriz ft Eladrix X DJ Cinch
The list goes on.. Great Songs all over KD

Which artist(s) do you draw inspiration from? 

Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z Kanye West. All this are foreign guys who inspire me.  Coming Back to my Home  Africa.  I get Inspired by Mi. Abaga, 2baba, Casper Nyovest, AKA Sarkodie. I Draw inspiraton lot of Times from this Great Men

Let's reminisce back a little bit,  how will you describe your feelings the day you emerged winner at the KEA awards?

Wow mehn!!! That Date Remains Epic in my Calendar. That was my most Treasured moment and a Big Spotlight on me and my Carrier.  I felt over Excited at some point I couldn't believe it, cause it was more of a "let me try something " not knowing I had the Highest Votes amongst others. All i wanted was a Larger  Audience who are gonna pay attention to my Craft and ever since I Won the KEA Awards, Next Rated in 2016 it gave me that which I always Craved for.. So am always Excited and Deeply Glad anytime I Reminisce to that Day cause It gave me a Bigger Platform, Made it clear to me that the Future looks good over my side and I made lot of people proud with That Award. So that Scenario of Success was a Big Blessing to me!

Let's play a little game. You will give me three(3) names, the (1st) name will be who you have a crush on, (2nd)  who you want to work with and finally the (3rd)  your favorite KD OAP.

Laughs!!! Alright first time am disclosing my Crush publicly lol. I have a Big Crush on Juliet Ibrahim. I will want to Work with DJ AB.  But out of Kaduna I'll want to work with the Legendary Davido anytime. All the OAPs In Kd are doing great Supporting us but my Favorite is Murpheus Rhymz (The GoodMusic Ginger Bread Man)

Finally any last words to your fans and also how they can connect with you on social media.

I Call them Drixians. They mean allot to me. Am really Greatful  for all there Support thus Far it's been Amazing!!! I promise to keep feeding them with Absolute Good music all day... Am always a Fan if you're Drixian. Is Love from me to them All day!!! Y'all can follow me On IG & Twitter @iamelaidrix

Love all day to Everybody Supporting the ELAIDRIX Brand.. We getting there and Apparently the Future Looks Good.  BRASH!!!!!

Tank you so much for indulging us today hope to do this again sometime in the nearest future.
It's a Pleasure. Nice time with Y'all too. Hope we do it again some other time.  Brash!

Thank you all for sticking with us, until next week where we bring you another mind blowing interview, Stay blessed!!!! 

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