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[Music] Jaybarry Blessed Child - 'A Brighter Day'

A Brighter Day us about me, my experience battling sickle cell, telling a bit of my story, dishing out hope and encouragement to others out there, and creating sickle cell awareness.

My name is Japheth Ezekiel Maichibi a.k.a Jaybarry BlessedChild, I'm from Nasarawa state, mada by tribe.


Amidst my pains,I've learnt to be strong,amidst my hurts,I've grown my endurance,amidst the everyday troubles,I found optimism,at nights in pains,I find solace in God,drying my tears,praying on. Sickle cell - my pain,my inspiration..I refuse to be locked behind sickle cell's cell.

I may look good and strong in the studio, it's kuz I find joy doing what I do,I'm passionate about creating sickle cell awareness but behind my smiles, cheer, and strength, is a thick burden of pain, hurts, and tears,but like I said, I've been shut down but in God we restored..

This one right here is for the sickle cell patient's [warriors] out there, we yearn and crave for comfort but it seems quite too expensive, but at the end of the fight comfort comes.. We stay strong and trust in God Almighty.. Remember... 5ive words Don't You Ever Give Up..

5ive Words is the movement, an activism I came up with representing


I must Confess This Song got me emotional this Morning. Good lyrics, great Vibes, Perfect instrumental and a Unique Voice.

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