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#TheHangOut with Shocks Orion | Guest 'Fredie'

It's another week and a perfect time for something special, and you'll have been waiting for this exact moment when we at the Hangout bring you something juicy, just like it has always been, this week won't be any different. 

This week on THE HANGOUT,  we have an amazing musician/  student/ radio personal, he is the man behind the song making alot of waves within and outside kaduna, he is a die hard fan of the one of Africans best rappers at the moment (sarkodie), ladies and gentlemen am talking about none other but Fredie. 
Here is what Fredie has to say. 

For the records can you introduce yourself?
Am Madaki Alfred, From kd. A student of mass communication at KASU, an artist and I go by the stage name Fredie

You just had your first concert how will you describe your experience?

It was a success, Everyone I invited came my family, Friends, school mates etc and the crowd was far more than I expected,I really felt happy. 

As a radio personality, is it easier to get your song out there?

Not really, but it is a step to take your songs out there.

Have your parents always supported your music? 

Yes, They always do.
My mum was at my concert,It was an amazing feeling. They always do support me always but also advice me to still focus on my studies.

As a young act in the industry,  how is your relationship with the O.G's in the industry?

Kul mehn.
I respect everybody in the industry even the once I came b4. I try to keep that smoth relationship with the O.G's coz they will be the source of my recognition.

You have one of the hottest song right now in the streets and corners of kaduna, how did you come about that song Banta? 

Banta was a song I was working on since the beginning of this year. I got the beat from my producer and I thought of doing something different from my previous rap songs. I decided to do something like a love song with the word. BANTA.

What's next for you?

With the love and support I get from people. I will make sure I continue to Keep it real, making sure I don't disappoint. Hoping I get to the top.

When should we be expecting a video from you? 

Very soon, Just want to finish my project in school and focus on my video shoot.

If you have chance to change something in the industry what will that be?

Giving all talents equal opportunity. The oldest in the industry is not the best in the industry.

Let's play a little game. You will give me three(3) names, the (1st) your best producer in KD, (2nd)  Your special lady finally the (3rd)  best performer. 

Best producer: Alazi tha King.
Special lady: Non yet.
Best performer: Johnny wonder.

When should we be expecting the next song?
Early September

Any last words to  your  fans?

My fans are the major reason y am in this game. As long as they keep showin that huge love.Ah will never stop.
Am not the best in kd but the most preferred,And I love what I do bcoz they love what I do.

How can your fans reach you on social media?

What'sapp: 08189808865
Instagram: 4redie
Twitter: @Fredie_B

Thank you all for sticking with us, until next week when we come back with another amazing art who is making waves in the industry, Stay blessed!!!! 

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