Eminem is back with Part II of The Kamikaze Interview with Sway Calloway. Once again, the two Hip Hop aficionados dive into a bevy of topics, including the real reason Em dissed Machine Gun Kelly on “Not Alike” and his relationship with Joe Budden.

“Me and Joe Budden aren’t friends like that,” he starts. “We didn’t go the same fuckin’ high school or something, so I get that part. But, when I’m out here flying around to different places and doing interviews and trying to use my platform to pump up Slaughterhouse every chance I get and you’re using your platform to fuckin’ trash me and I’m one of the things that keep this ship moving. 

“You’ve got a voice in Hip Hop … you could be one of the reasons the ship is sinking. You don’t owe me nothing and I’ve never got in a fuckin’ interview and been like ‘Joe Budden’s shit is fuckin’ trash. That last album he put out is fuckin’ trash.’ So, that’s kind of the attitude I took to this whole album Kamikaze. Like, alright — how about I give everybody my opinion on them?”