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The #HangOut With Shocks Orion || Guest 'McKenzy'

Friedrich Hegal ones said "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion." if that is the case, if you have passion for what you do and willing to put in time and energy into it like our guest Artist for the week on the THE Hangout, then there is nothing you can't achieve as the sky will be your starting point. 

 McKenzy is a household name In the Kaduna music community, he has been paying his dues for years now and he ain't showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Here is an incite on who McKenzy is as an artist and his views on some issues. 

You go by the name Richard, so how did you get the name McKenzy as a stage name?

Mckenzy was a name given to me by my friends back then in secondary school, which was formed from my native name kaza meaning God,, from kaza they turned it to kenzy and since I was into music and entertainment back then some of them started calling me emcee kenzy so I shorten the emcee to Mc that's how I came up with the stage name Mckenzy.

How will you describe your kind of music?

My kind of music is actually popularly known as afro hip hop but to me I best discribe it as Arewa hip hop becos its an Arewa hip hop(Northern hip hop),though I do different genres of music but this Arewa hip hop is what I do basically. It comprises of Hausa coined with a little bit of English in it.

You dropped a song earlier this year, how has the reception been since you dropped it and when should we be expecting your next track?

I will say I really appreciate the love I received from the song 'Wani Alhaji' which was produced by the multiple award winning producer Jesse beatz cos it was widely accepted by the Arewa people all over cos it's trending and I hear the slogan 'Wani Alhaji' on the lips of fans all over from children to adult and I must say thank God for that, and I'm working on a brand new sound right now which hopefully is to be premiered next month October,, but no specific date set yet.

We are in the mber months which Is the months of awards, how do you feel about award ceremonies and how it's been run in Kaduna?

Well, about the awards ceremonies in kaduna I most say they are really doing a great job by motivating young art to do more. I have actually been nominated on a few categories some years back, though I didn't go home with any but I hope to someday. Its a good thing to be recognize in your home base. I really give credit to those organizing these awards around the Arewa side with time I know they will grow bigger and do better.

You think the award organizers are fair to all nominees?

It actually depends on an individuals defination of what is fair or not. To me you can't organize and award that can be fair to all nominees, we are talking about hundreds of nominees here, which almost everyone of them believe in themselves and their art, and also it depends on the aim of the orgernizers, that is their target at the end of the event. (what they aim to achieve)

Should we be expecting a McKenzy all out concert anything soon?

Sure, I and my team are working on that pretty soon.

Thank you so much for taking out time to talk to us On THE HANGOUT. How can your fans reach you on social media?

You are most welcome
I can be reached on instagram and Twitter @Richardkenzy.

Remember that "In music thoes with passion enjoy themselves." what ever your hustle is always keep it real 100% and watch it pay off.  Thank you all for joining us on THE HANGOUT this week, Remember that you can be part of this by just reaching us on our social media handles.

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