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All You Need to Know About #PLH (Phat, Lyrical and Humorous)


For some time now the hash tag #PLH has been popping up on our feeds anonymously, fuelling up curiosity and guesses. Later, the meaning in full was revealed to be Phat, Lyrical and Humorous while those involved still remained anonymous. This led to further guessing and questions to what it's all about and who are those behind it.

Well, today it all comes to an end as we reveal those behind this happening. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the collective musical and comic prowess of Phatboi Sham'ah, Menxee and Kapt. Sylva Dee as Phat, Lyrical & Humorous (respectively).

The trio came together to form the group earlier in the year and have been working in silence ever since. To begin their journey as a group, they will be releasing their debut Ep titled - Phat, Lyrical and Humorous, at a soon-to-be-revealed date. To keep up with this very promising happening, we never saw coming, these are their handles: After the Cut... 

Twitter - @phatlyricalnH

IG - @phat_lyrical_humorous

Also like their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Phat-Lyrical-Humorous.

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