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Dear Artist, Not everyone on your Social Media Platforms is your fan. And not everyone must be. By Jock Milly

Dear Artist,

Not everyone on your Social Media Platforms is your fan. And not everyone must be.

That they are your friends does not mean they must love your music. Some sincerely are not just a fan of the genre you do. So when they like or commend you sometimes, it's the effort and the creativeness they are commending, and not really an expression of a personal interest in your craft.

People can love you but hate pineapple which is your favorite fruit. It's called natural selection.

So stop pressurizing innocent people who sincerely wish you well. 

Your parents may not be even a fan of this music that you've chosen to pursue in life, yet they love you and may still support you in one way or the other.

Creating a fan base is another level of creativity. It's a talent on its own. Some have made a career out of it. And ask these people and they shall tell you that a fan is not forced out of people but inspired, into becoming one.

Being a fan is natural. It's like the natural case of people falling in love with your person, only that this time around, your music is the subject of love here. 

And the truth is people can love the art and dislike the act. Meaning you can be an amazing artist but a dickhead in real life. And that is why labels hire professionals to help shape your personality to measure up to the standard and quality of your music. And that's the reason you will wonder why you love an artist in their interviews, not until you meet the jerk in real life.

And the point of the above point is, do not be that jerk, hating on everyone who refuses to bend a knee to your fan-hunting programme. 

If you want a fan, earn a fan. And if you do not know how, hit me up. 


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